Rosewood Acres

est. 2017


Our little puppy Paisley is the most important thing in the world to Karleigh and I.  She welcomes us home with a million kisses, aka the most annoying licks, but she means so much to us.  That is why we are proud to announce that Rosewood Acres will officially start donating 10% of all profits to organizations that help animals just like her.  Her story was a sad one until Karleigh came along, paisley was on the kill list at the pound she was staying at.  She was picked up by the berea adoption agency and the rest is history.  Now Karleigh spends half her paycheck every week on toys for the doggy, just kidding but she does have over 40 toys.  She sometimes annoys us, but she really is one of the most amazing things to ever happen to us, plus just look how cute she is!!! Rosewood acres is moving from a premium farmhouse decor brand, to a premium farmhouse decor brand with a purpose.


The Idea

We are a farm house decor company! While moving out on our own, like anyone else, we wanted our first apartment to be decorated exceptionally. However, we quickly found out that it was SO EXPENSIVE. When we started Rosewood Acres, we decided our main goal is to have a home decor company that will have exceptional products & quality but will not hurt your wallet! 

Style & Quality

We take pride in our products - we make sure it is of the best quality at the best price. Our customers will notice how stylish our decor items are, how nice the quality is, and best of all, how affordable it is! 

What's Next

Rosewood Acres is always looking to expand, our co-founder Karleigh, will be coming out with her own line of hand-made home decor items.  While our other co-founder Scott, has been working very hard on a project that we hope our customers really enjoy!