Rosewood Acres

est. 2017

How many of those people?

Scott Schroeder

The rosewood acres blog is normally something I can get on a couple of times a week and write something that is either related to wood working, crazy wood shops, rosewood acres, or fun projects that you can do.  But today's blog post is a little different, to some this might seem way over dramatic, but to others I hope I can bring some perspective in your life. 

There is a site called worldometers, I suggest you click the link to understand where I am coming from in this blog post.  But for those of you that are not good listeners and did not click on the link I will do my best to describe the site; basically it is a world population clock, the number goes up any time there is a birth, and it goes down every time there is a death, however the counter moves very fast.  I started my clock and it took 22.21 seconds for 100 people to be born, on the other hand there were around 40 deaths in that same time frame.

To put that in perspective at the time of writing this article, approx. 4:30 on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 there were 264,000 births and 110,000 deaths.  Those numbers are staggering, I do not even think I have seen that many people, yet today 264,000 people have been born.  528,000 parents have welcomed a child into the world today, 264,000 children with dreams that they cannot even begin to understand, 264,000 children that at only several hours old have already began to change lives.  

On the other hand however there have been 110,000 deaths, 110,000 people ripped away from their families.  Maybe some of them were expected, but how many of them were taken too soon, maybe texting and driving, drinking too much alcohol, or even a heroine overdose?  Or on the lighter side, taken away in their sleep, taken off life support to die quietly?  How many of these people had dreams they never chased, met a girl they wish they had just asked on a date instead of being afraid of what she might say?  How many of these people were just children, with big dreams? How many of these people wished they would have tried something, anything, but were too afraid of what others might think?  How many of these people spent their entire lives behind a screen and never got to experience the great outdoors?  How many hours did these people spend complaining about what was wrong in their life, instead of appreciating all of the good in the world, and in their own lives?  How many of these people spent countless hours talking about politics on facebook, or commenting mean things on other posts just to make themselves feel better?  On the other hand, how many of these people accomplished things they were proud of? How many of these people made others lives better, by being selfless and accommodating?  How many accomplished goals, took risks, started a business (even if it failed), married the girl they should have asked out on a date?

This clock is a reminder to me, and hopefully to others to stop trying to impress others and live your own life, to stop trying to make others like you for something you're not, instead of finding people who like you for who you are.  To ask that girl on a date, I know I did and now I have a dog who love us more than anything, and a cat who may act like he hates us but loves us.  Most importantly I have a girlfriend who I love more than anything.  We have started a business, this business, Rosewood Acres, and whatever the futures holds we are going to keep taking chances. The world is an amazing place, and when it comes down to it we are all just a number, clicking on that clock, we made a click when we were born, and we will make a click when we die, but what we do in between that is what really matters.