Rosewood Acres

est. 2017

How to make a beautiful cutting board

Scott Schroeder

Karleigh and I are starting our own product line.  We are really happy to announce products that have the same qualities that Rosewood Acres has strived to achieve.  Premium farmhouse decor is what we are going for here at Rosewood Acres, and that is exactly what we are going to do.  To start I have created a stunning cutting board, that looks as good as the food it is going to help make.

To start I went to my local lumber yard, I prefer to shop at these locations to help out small businesses, and the prices are normally better, along with the quality of the wood, and again it is nice for us to support local businesses.  The wood I chose was gorgeous, a shiny maple, and walnut, which is always beautiful!  The cutting boards we designed are stunning, they are 14 inches long and 10 inches wide.  We wanted to make something that has a premium feel and just looks amazing.  In my opinion, and the opinions of our families we did just that.  The cutting boards we have made are going to make people reconsider whether or not they should actually use them.

After the glue up

After the glue up

After we decided what we wanted to make we got to work.  Using my new Dewalt 60v cordless table saw (no i I am not sponsored, I just really enjoy the product) I cleaned up all the edges on the wood, and ripped to pieces to the proper width.  Next using my crosscut sled I cut the pieces to the proper length.  Then I situated the pieces how I wanted them to go together, and then I used a bunch of glue to make sure the pieces stay together.  Interesting fact: wood glue, in most cases, is actually stronger than the wood it is holding together.  

After the glue comes the clamps, and in the case of clamps it is always the more the merrier. After waiting a full 24 hours for the glue to dry you take some 60 grit to the finished product, this will help level all the bumps between the boards.  Next comes 150 grit, and then comes the 220 grit, this final sanding will make the board really smooth, in my opinion it is super satisfying feeling how smooth the sand paper makes the wood.  

After you finish sanding the whole cutting board you actually need to get the board wet, this is called raising the grain.  After successfully raising the grain you are going to go back to sanding, this time you only need 220 grit sandpaper.  After you finish sanding for the final time you can apply to cutting board oil, and this is my favorite part of any project.  This really makes the grain pop, and it makes the piece stunning.  It brings this farmhouse cutting board full circle, and finishes the product and makes it look amazing.  Obviously if you do not have access to hundred of dollars worth of tools, the time, or the wood you can purchase a Rosewood Acre's cutting board.

While this is a small thing to add to the website, it is the start to something huge that we are really proud of.  These cutting boards will be customizable to have your names put on them, Karleigh will wood burn your name in the cutting board to really add a personal touch.

All of these cutting boards are hand made to bring families together, Karleigh and I make it a point to always eat dinner together, and we think that a cutting board like this will make people want to cook food and eat with their family.