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Overkill Cordless Workshop

Cordless WorkshopScott SchroederComment

As part of the perfect cordless workshop, for regular people that have jobs and not thousands to spend on tools, I wanted to create the overkill cordless workshop set-up.  Each on of these tools are the most expensive and overkill tools you can buy for the cordless tool workshop.

To start there is the Dewalt 60v table saw, this is the only table saw that is cordless, so it has to be included in this list.  After using this for a couple of days, I can say it is the best tool I have ever used.  I will be coming out with a review of the table saw on youtube in the coming days.  The cost of this is 500 dollars.

The drill is a Festool drill, is costs 630 dollars, but with prime there is free shipping! Obviously a drill can only do so much, but to charge 630 dollars is insanely overkill.

Next we are going to buy the circular saw.  A plunge saw or track saw can be an alternate to the circular saw, and again Festool is nice enough to supply an 885 dollar track saw.  But it does not come with a battery unfortunately.

Makita is up next with their cordless random orbital sander kit that costs a cool 308 dollars and comes with a battery and charger and a really cool colored case.  Unlike Festool who only provides the tool, and thats it.

The Dewalt 120v miter saw is up next, and this the most expensive I could find, but it is also the most sensible tool, mainly because you can use the batteries from the table saw on this and vice versa.  With prime you get free shipping and the price is 717.77.  This comes with 2 60v batteries, a battery to outlet converter, and a charger.  This is pricey, but the extra batteries are always a plus when talking about a cordless set-up.

A cordless router is hard to come by, especially one that can be converted into a plunge router. However Makita has a cordless router that, with the kit, costs 464.91.  This comes with 2 more batteries, a plunger router base, a straight edge, a case, and a charger.  A powerful tool that might not be worth the steep price tag, however still an impressive feat to make a cordless router as powerful as most plug-in routers.

A Jig-Saw is a tool that, depending on the project, will either be used a lot or not at all.  But again Festool saves the day with a 525 dollar jig saw.  At last Festool finally provides a battery for the worlds most ridiculous jig saw.

Finally for the hand planer, we are going with the 377.25 dollar hand planer kit.  This comes with a battery, charger, and cool carrying case! (I've used that same alliteration twice now)

Those are all the tools I think you need to have in an overkill cordless shop set-up.  Now I understand that it is stupid to get several tools that are not under the same brand because you have to buy new batteries, and some of the costs involved are based on kits.  But that was the point of this article, to spend the most amount of money possible, while keeping everything cordless.  I would link these products but I do not suggest buying most of these, other than the table saw.  The total cost of this whole overkill workshop is 4407.93.  While we could have spent more money on other tools, I thought this was a good start to the cordless overkill workshop. Comment below with your ideas on how to make this more ridiculous!!