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Perfect Wood Workshop, Without Wires?

Cordless WorkshopScott SchroederComment

Living in an apartment it makes working on wood hard, if not impossible.  So I came up with an idea, a completely cordless workshop that I can use in our garage.  Cordless tools in most cases are a little more expensive, but in most cases the quality is very similar to a corded tool.  

The heart of any wood working shop is the table saw, and since there is only one option I had to choose it.However that does not mean I am mad with my decision, the table saw is the best a most power saw I have ever used, and heck there is even a 50 dollar adapter if I ever get power.  The Dewalt 60v cordless table saw is a great saw that has great performance, and it is the only table saw that I could get to complete this perfect wood working shop.  I will be doing a full review in my next blog post, but the first impressions are showing some good signs.

Another tool that most people do not even know exists in a corded variety is a cordless drill.  Other than the Dewalt tool I will be using all Ryobi tools, they might have the stigma of being cheap, however after the cost of the table saw cuts need to be made somewhere.  I went with a Ryobi cordless drill with charger and battery pack.  The great thing about this drill is that it comes with a battery and a charger, and there are loads of knockoff ryobi batteries that will fit into this charger.  This battery is exactly what I am talking about.

For my final purchase of the day I went with the Ryobi 18v plus random orbital sander.  It is not the most expensive sander on the market, but with the cheaper batteries and the fact that Dewalt does not make this sander, this is the only tool that makes sense.

I will be adding updates every week to keep you all posted on the newest developments in the perfect cordless shop!  We will also be starting a youtube channel in the next couple of days to keep everyone posted on what we are doing.  Follow us on Instagram and see more products and announcements.