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est. 2017

How we built a small business

Business AdventuresScott SchroederComment

My girlfriend and I had an idea to start a small business and we took a chance. Just coming out of college most people think you need to get a 9 to 5 job, but I wanted to try something different. After talking it over with my girlfriend, I came up with the idea (she claims she did but we all know it was me) and then we started to get to work. Trust me the process is quite tedious, time consuming, exhausting, but most of all fun. After months of work our website is finally complete, although we have found that we are always adding more and more things to get the best experience for our customers.

People will always tell you how dumb, how it will never work, and how it is a waste of money, but having my girlfriend pushing me and telling me that it is a good idea has really helped me push myself and her in creating this company that we can be proud of. Heck if it fails the worst thing we will have to say is we spent money on something that has been an amazing ride and experience. How many people can say they have created something they are proud of and how many people can say they started a company.

We love farmhouse decor and we wanted to do our best to offer farm home decor that people can actually afford, we offer free shipping to help our customers as best we can. But we try to find products that not only look great but can be affordable. As we grow as a company we plan on continuing this commitment to quality and affordable products that bring farmhouse flare to any house, apartment, or even dorm room.