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How many of those people?

Scott Schroeder

The rosewood acres blog is normally something I can get on a couple of times a week and write something that is either related to wood working, crazy wood shops, rosewood acres, or fun projects that you can do.  But today's blog post is a little different, to some this might seem way over dramatic, but to others I hope I can bring some perspective in your life. 

There is a site called worldometers, I suggest you click the link to understand where I am coming from in this blog post.  But for those of you that are not good listeners and did not click on the link I will do my best to describe the site; basically it is a world population clock, the number goes up any time there is a birth, and it goes down every time there is a death, however the counter moves very fast.  I started my clock and it took 22.21 seconds for 100 people to be born, on the other hand there were around 40 deaths in that same time frame.

To put that in perspective at the time of writing this article, approx. 4:30 on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 there were 264,000 births and 110,000 deaths.  Those numbers are staggering, I do not even think I have seen that many people, yet today 264,000 people have been born.  528,000 parents have welcomed a child into the world today, 264,000 children with dreams that they cannot even begin to understand, 264,000 children that at only several hours old have already began to change lives.  

On the other hand however there have been 110,000 deaths, 110,000 people ripped away from their families.  Maybe some of them were expected, but how many of them were taken too soon, maybe texting and driving, drinking too much alcohol, or even a heroine overdose?  Or on the lighter side, taken away in their sleep, taken off life support to die quietly?  How many of these people had dreams they never chased, met a girl they wish they had just asked on a date instead of being afraid of what she might say?  How many of these people were just children, with big dreams? How many of these people wished they would have tried something, anything, but were too afraid of what others might think?  How many of these people spent their entire lives behind a screen and never got to experience the great outdoors?  How many hours did these people spend complaining about what was wrong in their life, instead of appreciating all of the good in the world, and in their own lives?  How many of these people spent countless hours talking about politics on facebook, or commenting mean things on other posts just to make themselves feel better?  On the other hand, how many of these people accomplished things they were proud of? How many of these people made others lives better, by being selfless and accommodating?  How many accomplished goals, took risks, started a business (even if it failed), married the girl they should have asked out on a date?

This clock is a reminder to me, and hopefully to others to stop trying to impress others and live your own life, to stop trying to make others like you for something you're not, instead of finding people who like you for who you are.  To ask that girl on a date, I know I did and now I have a dog who love us more than anything, and a cat who may act like he hates us but loves us.  Most importantly I have a girlfriend who I love more than anything.  We have started a business, this business, Rosewood Acres, and whatever the futures holds we are going to keep taking chances. The world is an amazing place, and when it comes down to it we are all just a number, clicking on that clock, we made a click when we were born, and we will make a click when we die, but what we do in between that is what really matters.

How to make a beautiful cutting board

Scott Schroeder

Karleigh and I are starting our own product line.  We are really happy to announce products that have the same qualities that Rosewood Acres has strived to achieve.  Premium farmhouse decor is what we are going for here at Rosewood Acres, and that is exactly what we are going to do.  To start I have created a stunning cutting board, that looks as good as the food it is going to help make.

To start I went to my local lumber yard, I prefer to shop at these locations to help out small businesses, and the prices are normally better, along with the quality of the wood, and again it is nice for us to support local businesses.  The wood I chose was gorgeous, a shiny maple, and walnut, which is always beautiful!  The cutting boards we designed are stunning, they are 14 inches long and 10 inches wide.  We wanted to make something that has a premium feel and just looks amazing.  In my opinion, and the opinions of our families we did just that.  The cutting boards we have made are going to make people reconsider whether or not they should actually use them.

After the glue up

After the glue up

After we decided what we wanted to make we got to work.  Using my new Dewalt 60v cordless table saw (no i I am not sponsored, I just really enjoy the product) I cleaned up all the edges on the wood, and ripped to pieces to the proper width.  Next using my crosscut sled I cut the pieces to the proper length.  Then I situated the pieces how I wanted them to go together, and then I used a bunch of glue to make sure the pieces stay together.  Interesting fact: wood glue, in most cases, is actually stronger than the wood it is holding together.  

After the glue comes the clamps, and in the case of clamps it is always the more the merrier. After waiting a full 24 hours for the glue to dry you take some 60 grit to the finished product, this will help level all the bumps between the boards.  Next comes 150 grit, and then comes the 220 grit, this final sanding will make the board really smooth, in my opinion it is super satisfying feeling how smooth the sand paper makes the wood.  

After you finish sanding the whole cutting board you actually need to get the board wet, this is called raising the grain.  After successfully raising the grain you are going to go back to sanding, this time you only need 220 grit sandpaper.  After you finish sanding for the final time you can apply to cutting board oil, and this is my favorite part of any project.  This really makes the grain pop, and it makes the piece stunning.  It brings this farmhouse cutting board full circle, and finishes the product and makes it look amazing.  Obviously if you do not have access to hundred of dollars worth of tools, the time, or the wood you can purchase a Rosewood Acre's cutting board.

While this is a small thing to add to the website, it is the start to something huge that we are really proud of.  These cutting boards will be customizable to have your names put on them, Karleigh will wood burn your name in the cutting board to really add a personal touch.

All of these cutting boards are hand made to bring families together, Karleigh and I make it a point to always eat dinner together, and we think that a cutting board like this will make people want to cook food and eat with their family.

Overkill Cordless Workshop

Cordless WorkshopScott SchroederComment

As part of the perfect cordless workshop, for regular people that have jobs and not thousands to spend on tools, I wanted to create the overkill cordless workshop set-up.  Each on of these tools are the most expensive and overkill tools you can buy for the cordless tool workshop.

To start there is the Dewalt 60v table saw, this is the only table saw that is cordless, so it has to be included in this list.  After using this for a couple of days, I can say it is the best tool I have ever used.  I will be coming out with a review of the table saw on youtube in the coming days.  The cost of this is 500 dollars.

The drill is a Festool drill, is costs 630 dollars, but with prime there is free shipping! Obviously a drill can only do so much, but to charge 630 dollars is insanely overkill.

Next we are going to buy the circular saw.  A plunge saw or track saw can be an alternate to the circular saw, and again Festool is nice enough to supply an 885 dollar track saw.  But it does not come with a battery unfortunately.

Makita is up next with their cordless random orbital sander kit that costs a cool 308 dollars and comes with a battery and charger and a really cool colored case.  Unlike Festool who only provides the tool, and thats it.

The Dewalt 120v miter saw is up next, and this the most expensive I could find, but it is also the most sensible tool, mainly because you can use the batteries from the table saw on this and vice versa.  With prime you get free shipping and the price is 717.77.  This comes with 2 60v batteries, a battery to outlet converter, and a charger.  This is pricey, but the extra batteries are always a plus when talking about a cordless set-up.

A cordless router is hard to come by, especially one that can be converted into a plunge router. However Makita has a cordless router that, with the kit, costs 464.91.  This comes with 2 more batteries, a plunger router base, a straight edge, a case, and a charger.  A powerful tool that might not be worth the steep price tag, however still an impressive feat to make a cordless router as powerful as most plug-in routers.

A Jig-Saw is a tool that, depending on the project, will either be used a lot or not at all.  But again Festool saves the day with a 525 dollar jig saw.  At last Festool finally provides a battery for the worlds most ridiculous jig saw.

Finally for the hand planer, we are going with the 377.25 dollar hand planer kit.  This comes with a battery, charger, and cool carrying case! (I've used that same alliteration twice now)

Those are all the tools I think you need to have in an overkill cordless shop set-up.  Now I understand that it is stupid to get several tools that are not under the same brand because you have to buy new batteries, and some of the costs involved are based on kits.  But that was the point of this article, to spend the most amount of money possible, while keeping everything cordless.  I would link these products but I do not suggest buying most of these, other than the table saw.  The total cost of this whole overkill workshop is 4407.93.  While we could have spent more money on other tools, I thought this was a good start to the cordless overkill workshop. Comment below with your ideas on how to make this more ridiculous!!

How to build walls for cheap!

Cordless WorkshopScott SchroederComment
This is the final product, it may look cramped but it is a 10 foot by 20 foot space

This is the final product, it may look cramped but it is a 10 foot by 20 foot space

As part of the ongoing project Karleigh and myself are working on we had to come up with a way to make walls.  However we did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a wooden wall that is 8 feet high and 20 feet long.  We did the next best thing, and built walls using tarps!  Now these walls are not sound proof, nor are they sturdy enough to set something on, but they are exactly what I needed to begin the cordless workshop.

The wall are constructing using tarp that is 10 feet by 12 feet, the link to the tarp is here.  We only needed to purchase 4 tarps, and we used some old screws and scrap wood that I had lying around, and we were able to build the whole thing for under 50 bucks!!  That is a savings of 75%!!!

Tarps have metal holes that you can drill screws through, using washers to create a tight fit.  We did this and the tarps went up in under 20 minutes.  We then folded over the excess tarp on the bottom over some pieces of wood to hold them down, screwed to tarp onto these and we were done.

The completely cordless journey has taken another step into becoming a functional workshop that I will be able to make farm house tables for our company!!  Time will only tell when I will get my first product out, but be expecting it sooner rather than later.

Perfect Wood Workshop, Without Wires?

Cordless WorkshopScott SchroederComment

Living in an apartment it makes working on wood hard, if not impossible.  So I came up with an idea, a completely cordless workshop that I can use in our garage.  Cordless tools in most cases are a little more expensive, but in most cases the quality is very similar to a corded tool.  

The heart of any wood working shop is the table saw, and since there is only one option I had to choose it.However that does not mean I am mad with my decision, the table saw is the best a most power saw I have ever used, and heck there is even a 50 dollar adapter if I ever get power.  The Dewalt 60v cordless table saw is a great saw that has great performance, and it is the only table saw that I could get to complete this perfect wood working shop.  I will be doing a full review in my next blog post, but the first impressions are showing some good signs.

Another tool that most people do not even know exists in a corded variety is a cordless drill.  Other than the Dewalt tool I will be using all Ryobi tools, they might have the stigma of being cheap, however after the cost of the table saw cuts need to be made somewhere.  I went with a Ryobi cordless drill with charger and battery pack.  The great thing about this drill is that it comes with a battery and a charger, and there are loads of knockoff ryobi batteries that will fit into this charger.  This battery is exactly what I am talking about.

For my final purchase of the day I went with the Ryobi 18v plus random orbital sander.  It is not the most expensive sander on the market, but with the cheaper batteries and the fact that Dewalt does not make this sander, this is the only tool that makes sense.

I will be adding updates every week to keep you all posted on the newest developments in the perfect cordless shop!  We will also be starting a youtube channel in the next couple of days to keep everyone posted on what we are doing.  Follow us on Instagram and see more products and announcements.

How we built a small business

Business AdventuresScott SchroederComment

My girlfriend and I had an idea to start a small business and we took a chance. Just coming out of college most people think you need to get a 9 to 5 job, but I wanted to try something different. After talking it over with my girlfriend, I came up with the idea (she claims she did but we all know it was me) and then we started to get to work. Trust me the process is quite tedious, time consuming, exhausting, but most of all fun. After months of work our website is finally complete, although we have found that we are always adding more and more things to get the best experience for our customers.

People will always tell you how dumb, how it will never work, and how it is a waste of money, but having my girlfriend pushing me and telling me that it is a good idea has really helped me push myself and her in creating this company that we can be proud of. Heck if it fails the worst thing we will have to say is we spent money on something that has been an amazing ride and experience. How many people can say they have created something they are proud of and how many people can say they started a company.

We love farmhouse decor and we wanted to do our best to offer farm home decor that people can actually afford, we offer free shipping to help our customers as best we can. But we try to find products that not only look great but can be affordable. As we grow as a company we plan on continuing this commitment to quality and affordable products that bring farmhouse flare to any house, apartment, or even dorm room.

Cheap and easy industrial bookshelf

DIY ProjectScott SchroederComment

We built a super easy and cheap industrial bookshelf last weekend and it only took about 1 hour and costs around 50 bucks!! I will include links to all materials that we used for this project.

This is the finished product staged and everything!

This is the finished product staged and everything!

First we started by going to home depot to pick up the materials. The great thing about this project is that itis customizable to exactly what you want or need for your specific space. To start we decided that we wanted 4 shelves to store our books on, so we purchased 4 boards that are 10 inch by 6 feet by .75 inches. These are called common boards, follow this link to find them

After we bought 4 of those, bringing our total to 32 bucks, we bought 8 cinder blocks at around 1.50 each. After taxes our total was around 40 dollars, and then we bought 2 cans of satin vintage teal spray paint Then we spray painted the cinder blocks the satin teal and I think they turned out really nice.

Then we bought 4 cans of white spray paint, and we should have just bought a small can of white paint and it could have been much cheaper

Finally just wait for everything to dry and start stacking, and then you have a really cheap and industrial/modern bookshelf.